Orford Castle

In England, they have an organization called The English Heritage Foundation and they are much like the American park system. You pay a small fee and are able to tour the grounds. Van and I purchased the 15 month pass and we plan on putting it to some use! Orford Castle was our first English Heritage site to tour on our membership. The Castle was built in the 1160s and sits just off the English Channel coast. It is deceptively small and simple on first look but our audio tour gave a really great tour of the inside and took about 75 minutes. There were three floors within the castle and many rooms. Here are a few pictures from the inside and from the top of the castle.
Main floor fireplace

Van in the kitchen

One of the many winding staircases. They were built winding to the right so that they could be defended easier by a knight coming down the stairs...a sword could be used easier this way.

Castle chapel

Altar in the castle chapel

Area in the kitchen where the water was boiled

View from the top, English Channel in the background

Touring Orford Castle was a perfect "first castle" experience. The town of Orford itself was very beautiful and it was great to be able to see the English Channel.

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