Home Sweet Home, in Ely!

In the past couple of weeks we narrowed down our home search to one town; Ely. We had been looking in several towns around the base including Bury St. Edmunds, Newmarket and Littleport. My main "wants" were that the town had a weekly market and that I could walk to most things within the town. Van was only concerned with the drive to work to the base. Driving in the UK is a lot different than the US. Imagine the most country road you can think of. Now, reduce the size of the road by about half and raise the speed limit a good bit. Oh and throw in a ton of bumps and sharp turns and you have a UK road!
We expanded our search to Ely and scheduled a viewing. We were starting to worry that we would never find a decent place. And then we drove to Ely. My breath was taken away when I caught my first glimpse of the Ely Cathedral. It was stunning to say the least. I knew right then and there, this was our town. Seriously....just Google Ely UK and go to images. Stunning!

 Ely Cathedral
Ely is not a town with a lot of nightlife like Bury St. Edmunds is and we like it that way. There are plenty of pubs, but what English town doesn't have their share? Ely is a town of about 20k people and seems to be a very family friendly town. There are kids EVERYWHERE and I keep looking to spot Harry Potter in the crowd haha!! But, we are thoroughly enjoying the slower pace of life. We also have had a chance to eat at a few spots in Ely and we are very pleased with the selection...here are a few pictures from our first Ely meal @ Prezzo. Best meal so far!!

After looking at a few homes in the town, we decided to apply for a certain house. We were happy to have FINALLY find a house that would fit our King size bed and also our sofa! Oh, and no carpet in the bathrooms....so gross! I will be posting pictures of our home in the next few weeks, but here is a little sneak peek of the outside.

The end is near for our gyspy suitcases! We have been living out of them for 80+ days and are ready to stick them in a closet. We are so thankful to have found such a lovely town where we can feel comfortable and safe. So, our scheduled date of moving in is set for October 21. From that day on, you can find us at 91 Columbine Road in Ely!!

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