French Riviera for the 4 day!!

Bonjour!! Well, I spent all day last Wednesday searching for a hotel in London for the holiday weekend and was having some bad luck. I seriously couldn't bring myself to stay in a lower end hotel for $200+ a night! I was getting frustrated. Van and I tossed around some other ideas...maybe a drive up to Edinburgh? Maybe a flight to Spain? So I started looking on Ryan Air and Easy Jet and wasn't really finding any good deals. And then I remembered the nifty Skyscanner website. The cheapest flight on Skyscanner for the weekend was to Nice, France.

Nice is situated in between Cannes and the Italian border. Sounds so sad right?!?! Our flights were incredibly cheap on Norwegian Airlines, around $220 total for 2, round-trip. So see, much more for our money than spending on the London hotels! I was beginning to get really excited after booking the flights for many reasons, but mainly 2. One, Nice is warm!! I have no fall/winter clothing right now and this sounding like the perfect trip to wear out my warmer weather clothes. And two, the French Riviera. I mean come on. Sounds amazing!

Day 1: Nice

We arrived in Nice Friday afternoon to beautiful weather and incredibly blue seas. Perfection! The flight was very smooth and we were able to see the French Alps peaking above the cloud cover as we got closer to Nice. It was amazing. When we landed, we took the city bus for 6 euro a piece to the general area of our hotel. The hotel was centrally located and ended up being the perfect little spot. Van and I took off to get something to eat and drink. It really felt like we were walking around in a postcard. We quickly realized that it was going to be interesting not knowing a lick of French! Americans......geez. Here are a few pictures from our first day. (You will have to forgive me for the small pictures, click the picture to see it in more blogger is choosing not to work with me!!!)

 Spice some amazing things from here!!

Day 2: Monaco

We discovered that our tired American legs would need a more efficient way to travel along the French Riviera. We found a little scooter rental place and luckily they spoke a bit of English. They sent us away with a few maps and some very vague directions and we took off! The scooter was the perfect way to get to Monaco from Nice. We took the beach route, which I believe was the M6098 (or something like that). It offered amazing views and I felt like I had permanent was like it wasn't real!

 Our "chariot"
 Van's retirement plan
 The smallest and wealthiest place in the world

Day 3: La Turbie

On our last full day with the scooter, we decided to go an see Trophee d'Auguste which was an ancient Roman ruin built as a "trophy" to Augustus for conquering the Alps. The monument was built in 27 BC, yep BC! It was a beautiful journey to the ruins.

 My chariot driver HA!!!!

 View from atop the ruin

All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed our first trip to France. The people and the sites were beautiful and we definitely will be returning to this part of France again. Van and I both are determined to return with a much better understanding of the French language for sure!

Au revoir!


  1. I love the picture of Van in front of the scooter haha! The pictures are beautiful and so happy y'all are getting to experience that part of the world so exciting!

  2. Been following all your post. So cool to see this through your eyes. Thanks for sharing all of your new experiences. Slap Van on the ass for Brent. Haha! Love ya'll!!

  3. Wow. That Monaco beach along the road looks amazing. I hope I could get to experience that place too.

    1. It feels like your visiting a postcard! Hopefully you can visit one day :)