Framlingham Castle

Framlingham Castle

View of the castle from across the natural mere

Framlingham Castle was built in the late 12th Century and is basically just a curtain wall but fits the character of what you imagine when you think of a castle. The interior is no longer standing, except for a poorhouse built in the 17th century. It is set in the picturesque countryside and the views were beautiful from the top of the wall. Framlingham's main claim to fame was housing Mary Tudor when she was crowned Queen. Van and I walked along the curtain wall listening to the audio tour, imagining what life must have been like in the castle. The castle was around when the village was hit by the Plague....creepy!!

Yep, me in my only sweater again :)

Picturesque views from atop the curtain wall.

The natural mere that apparently was 5 times this size when the castle was constructed.


Happy British cows in the fields around the castle

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