First Weekend Adventure

Van and I decided to venture out a little ways to check out some of the Suffolk countryside and some nearby castles this past weekend. We didn't realize just how many there are in the UK...its amazing! And so many within a days drive. So we planned to drive through Lavenham and then on to Ipswich and stay the night and then wake up and drive to see to castles in the area; Orford Castle and Framlingham Castle. I'm splitting the weekend's adventures into three posts; Lavenham and Ipswich, Orford Castle and finally Framlingham Castle. I took well over 300 pictures this weekend and feel like the castles each need their own post...enjoy!


Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, Lavenham

Standing next to the tiny door. Oh, and get used to seeing me in this's the only one I have until our shipping container arrives!!

The Church of St. Peter and St. Paul was our starting point for a little mini tour of the village of Lavenham. This church was completed in 1525 and was excessively large for the size of Lavenham. The village of Lavenham is a medieval village and apparently was a very wealthy wool town back in the day. The village's buildings are mostly crooked and make you feel like you've had one too many! And if you feel like some of these pictures look a little Harry're correct! The scene where Harry Potter was born was based off a house here in Lavenham.....

View from inside The Greyhound Pub, Lavenham


Ipswich is a college town much like Cambridge. It is also a port on the English Channel. It was such a beautiful place and Van and I were glad we chose Ipswich as our stopping point for the night. Our hotel was centrally located between the port and the city center. We arrived in the evening and most of the shops were closed but I know we will be back here again. There were so many interesting places to shop and I can't wait to return. Here are few photos from the night.

Port of Ipswich
St. Mary le Tower at night

Dinner at The Rep with a lovely view.
Both towns were really lovely and such a short distance away. The roads around Suffolk can be a bit treacherous but we thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Ipswich will definitely be a place to return and do a bit of shopping. I spotted a ceramic Rhino head in a shop for only 45 pounds that I must return for! Check out my next posts on Orford Castle and Framlingham Castle. 

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