First Week....

Well, Van and I passed our 3AF Driving Test today for our DOD/UK drivers license! You would think that it would be easy to figure things out over here since the British speak English...but the Queen's English is totally different from American English. Just a few examples in relation to driving:

To Pass= To Overtake
Road= Carriageway
Yield= Give Way
Exit= Slip Road

Also, one of my favorites, are the names of the different types of crosswalks: the zebra, pelican, puffin and toucan are all types of pedestrian crosswalks! Craziness. The roundabouts are no joke and there are plenty of them around here. I am slowly beginning to understand these. Oh, and we drive on the other side of the road! Anyway, we passed and we were also just happy to be able to go through the class while the government is shut down. Many sections of the base are shut down and it can be really annoying. Most annoying is the fact that we don't have our American channels in base lodging! However, there is a "USA" channel on British TV. It shows random American shows like the CSIs, Bing Bang Theory and I even saw a Lifetime movie on there yesterday!

We are planning our first trip more than an hour away from base this weekend. Should have some castles involved so we are excited. Also, the following weekend is a 4 day weekend for Van and we are still trying to decide where to go. There are just so many choices!! Topping the list are Paris, Dublin and maybe Stockholm. Groupon is amazing here so I have been scouring it for last minute deals. I found a Poland trip on Groupon today that includes the Auschwitz tour and I am beyond excited about that.
We have several houses set up to view tomorrow and we are hoping to find something soon. I am so looking forward to having a home once again. I am more looking forward to having some warm clothes to wear!! Today is the first day that I have seen rain since I have been here and it only gets to be around 60-65 degrees during the day and around 45-50 at night.
So all in all, the first few days have been really amazing. Yummy food, friendly people and beautiful landscapes. Check out my Food Love page and my Gallery for all pictures relating to these categories.
Be on the lookout for some castles next post :)

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