The Waiting Game......

Well, it's April 13th and we are still waiting on the "official" word that we are moving to England. It has been a month since we heard that Van was scheduled to fill the position at RAF Mildenhall. So, the rollercoaster of emotions have been oh so fun (obvious sarcasm). I think I may be in the denial portion of the 12 steps of moving to another country haha. The good news is, we have been told what our housing allowance is so we have been searching for our perfect English home for the next 2-3 years!

Moving pets to the UK is an expensive and lengthy process. I will be trying to document the pet process as we go and hopefully it will help others. (see my pets abroad page.) I keep telling Bruno, Willis and Punkins that they all need to work on their British accents but I don't think they quite understand just yet. But, they will learn soon enough!


  1. Hi, Jamie! I just moved to England (Surrey) a few weeks ago, and I love your blog! I'm keeping up with current posts, but since I'm relatively new to your blog, I've decided to start at the beginning and get caught up :) I have pets, too, that I plan to have shipped to me in January (2 cats). Looking forward to reading about your moving process!

  2. Hey Gianna! That's great! I don't really have a good detailed post about shipping them over here but I can answer any questions you might have! Just shoot me an email!!!